In the Celtic tradition, an anam cara or Anamchara was a soul friend. Today, one might describe them as a spiritual teacher or guide.

I understand it as a person who reveals the truth with you – the truth of what you feel, think, say, and the truth of your actions – because through these truths, the reality of your life unfolds. Only on the basis of truth can actions become life-affirming and effective. Anything that is not truth is falsehood, and this inevitably leads to conflicts.

If you want to break out of the cycle of constantly analyzing your past and developing new strategies for the future, I will accompany you on the path to transcendence. I am not an esoteric, nor will I read cards or murmur spells, let alone predict the future. I am a deeply grounded, pragmatic Anamchara – anything that does not prove effective in everyday life between brushing your teeth and going to bed is ineffective.