What I have to offer

One of my abilities is to de-abstract the nature of reality. I translate advice like „open your heart“ into concrete, internal actions. Because literally, no one can open their heart. Without clear guidance on how to practically translate such metaphorical recommendations, it can be frustrating and make one feel trapped in an instruction that we cannot implement on a practical level.

Furthermore, I explore your own abstractions with you and read the messages of your inner monologues together. This process helps you understand yourself better. This inner insight releases the energy bound in negative moods like „I’m not feeling good today“ and gives it back to you, so that it is available to you as life energy for the day and beyond.

It is sufficient to talk on the phone, but if you want to show yourself, we can also communicate via video conference, and if you are nearby, we can meet in person. If all of this feels too close for you, I can also chat with you.

The right and important information can reach us in many ways, and how it reaches us is how it should be. Pressure has never healed a heart.